Lost and Forgotten: Coffee and Rain

Some years ago, I attended a photo exhibition themed “Lost and Forgotten.” The collection was captivating, depicting scenes of children playing with marbles, gathering around Chautaris and ponds, and rolling cycle tires, among others.

Among these images, one stood out to me: a cup of coffee near a window, with what seemed like rain outside. I pondered how this picture fit the theme of “lost and forgotten.” Returning home, I found myself unable to shake that image from my thoughts. I then reflected on a time when I had left work to enjoy a coffee in the rain. To my surprise, I couldn’t recall that memory.

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Toughest Time of My Life

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein.

We all have our happy moments and sad moments. The time where we are free and have nothing to do, and the time where we need to work our ass off. All those moments sum up our life. This post is to remember the toughest time I had to deal with my life.

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