Lost and Forgotten: Coffee and Rain

Some years ago, I attended a photo exhibition themed “Lost and Forgotten.” The collection was captivating, depicting scenes of children playing with marbles, gathering around Chautaris and ponds, and rolling cycle tires, among others.

Among these images, one stood out to me: a cup of coffee near a window, with what seemed like rain outside. I pondered how this picture fit the theme of “lost and forgotten.” Returning home, I found myself unable to shake that image from my thoughts. I then reflected on a time when I had left work to enjoy a coffee in the rain. To my surprise, I couldn’t recall that memory.

 We often find ourselves caught up in the busyness of life, unable to fully savor its moments. We follow a fixed routine, waking up at set times, going to work or college, planning for the future, spending time with family and loved ones, planning the next day and the years ahead, fulfilling responsibilities and obligations, only to realize it’s already time to sleep so we can start again the next day. Life has become so structured that we sometimes wish for more than 24 hours in a day.

I recall my childhood, when I would lose myself in my imagination. I would envision my future, imagining myself as a guitarist or a football player, fully immersing myself in those fantasies. I used to listen to the radio and savor every song; now, I listen to music as background noise while working or before sleeping. Life was simpler then—coming home from school and going out to play without a care. Spending time with friends, discussing our imaginative plans, hypothetical love lives, and creative ideas, living in the moment. Even now, we try to capture that essence. We watch movies, play games, meet friends for coffee, but with a different mindset. “I have two hours before my class,” changing weekend plans to attend a Saturday morning meeting, skipping a late football match to watch highlights—constantly bound by responsibilities.

When was the last time you slept without setting an alarm? When did you last meet friends without discussing the future? When did you last have a conversation with yourself?

And, when did you last set everything aside, escape the reality, and have a conversation with yourself over coffee? Take a break, give yourself some time. Let’s not be so focused on building the future that we forget to live in the present, because this present is the future of the past we once worried about.

6 thoughts on “Lost and Forgotten: Coffee and Rain”

  1. This must be about working life, but i could also relate it somehow. childhood is the most fabulous age of our life. I also had so many dreams . I aspired to be singer, painter, dancer etc everything i did!! I was so scared to see myself and questioned myself, how did i manage to be so good ??? Now with the flow of time and influence of environment everything has changed, Average on everything. now I question myself how ??? I get so deep into my own thoughts sometimes…….i forgot to be myself over the course of time.
    And i may not be busy as mentioned but life becomes hectic sometimes, it really does ….. we should find time for ourselves . Over the time i learned self love should be our first priority. “A current of water can crush any boulder on its way with its constant hit”,Similarly no matter how tough we are we shall be shattered in this pace. So happiness should be searched in small things!! Life is going to be busy, we chose this hustle, we chose this way but It doesn’t mean we have to forget ourselves. After every achievement we can pat ourselves, every night before bed we can discuss our future with ourselves, our next move (to ourselves), 5 mins coffee breaks on works, 2mins extra to embrace ourselves,1min to stalk our crushes account,10 mins meditation or more, 30mins yoga, short holiday break after every long year, so many things. Small things can make huge differences, if so why wait ???
    I enjoyed your blog but also was hoping for more of closure to the topic. Hope you continue writing more……

    1. Thank you for this wonderful comment. Sometimes we are so lost in this realistic world we don’t realize there is another world within ourself.
      I had so much in much but could not express myself properly. Will try to do much better when I write something the next time.
      Again, this comment is wonderful and equally informative, thank you!

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